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Tips to Remember Your Prescriptions


Medicines work best when we take them as instructed. Physicians have taken our profile and the medication we are given into consideration. Their prescribed dosage and additional instructions should be followed per item. Unfortunately, medication adherence is not always certain. But there are some guidelines you can take for yourself or your loved one to ensure all meds are taken as prescribed.

Everything boils down to a routine. When we are accustomed to doing something, our body has memorized the activity. It is especially practical for individuals with chronic conditions or lifestyle diseases. When prescriptions may be in for a longer period, having a routine that incorporates the dosage helps the body remember what to be taken and when.

Aside from this, the routine should be visible. By setting up reminders in key areas, you are adding a security layer to improve medication adherence. Make notes on the fridge’s door or mark calendars. Bedside notes and other reminders can be good reminders as well.

With all the reminders, taking the medication should be convenient. Use a pillbox to prepare your dosage and help you visually recall which to take by then. Pillboxes can be a source of an organization itself which, in totality, improves the person’s adherence.

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