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For inquiries, call us at 972-390-9888

Monday - Friday 8:30am-6:30pm | Saturday 9am-1pm | Sunday Closed


Compounding Pharmacy in Allen, Texas

oraganic medicinesCompounding is done when a person cannot take the medication dosage due to certain problems. It can be tricky to find a pharmacy that has compounding services since the preparation can be tedious and the supplies are seldom available in retail pharmacies. Here at Allen Family Drug, we offer Compounding as one of our services. Our pharmacists here are qualified and have extensive experience when it comes to formulating different drugs and medications. Compounding can also have different tastes. This is for the purpose that children can take their medications easily. Another fact about compounding is that it can’t be done if you aren’t a licensed pharmacist, so don’t worry, you are in capable hands here at Allen Family Drug.

Read on and learn more about Compounding:

What is Compounding?

“Compounding is the Art and Science of Creating Personalized Medications” PCCA—Professional Compounding Center of America)

Drug Compounding is the solution to a patient’s unique problems and is the process in which a medication’s dosage form and/or dose are customized for a patient at the request of the physician.

Compounded medications are not available from commercial drug manufacturers, but through compounding pharmacies, which use the knowledge of chemistry and the drug’s properties to provide a formulation suitable for the patient’s needs.

Preparation of these specialized medications requires chemicals and equipment that are not available in most retail pharmacies. Our pharmacists and certified technicians have received extensive training in compounding techniques and have a support network that generates a constant exchange of ideas and innovations. We also use high-quality fine chemicals that have undergone unparallel quality control. So when you obtain a customized medication at AFD, you can be confident that you are receiving a preparation that will provide optimal therapeutic value.

Types of Compounding available at Allen Family Drug

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Pediatric Medications
  • Veterinary Medications
  • Specialty dosing and delivery methods
  • Discontinued drugs or drug shortage medications

Facts About Compounding

  • Licensed pharmacists are the only professionals authorized in compounding medications.
  • Compounding pharmacists must have knowledge and adequate training in chemical compatibilities, medication, and developing alternate dosage forms.
  • While some medications may no longer be commercially available, it does not necessarily mean that such medications are no longer effective. It may mean that the medications are no longer producing profits for the anufacturer – however, such medications can still be developed through compounding methods.
  • Two or more medications may be combined by the pharmacists through compounding. This must be approved by the patient’s physician.
  • There are hundreds of flavors that can be used in compounding. It improves the taste and eases the manner of intake especially for children.

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