For inquiries, call us at 972-390-9888

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For inquiries, call us at 972-390-9888

Monday - Friday 8:30am-6:30pm | Saturday 9am-1pm | Sunday Closed


“The folks at Allen Family Drug are always helpful and courteous. I have been seeing Tina for natural hormones. She has been a huge help with getting me balanced, not only with hormones but with overall health”

– Sloane C.

“I feel so blessed to have been referred to Tina Huynh, Pharmacist at Allen Family Drug. As a single, unemployed mom during a national pandemic, I began to have severe hormone problems & was having a very difficult time finding a provider to help me through it. Tina not only provided such care & understanding, but she also made it affordable for me to get the supplemental & nutritional support I needed to get me through, whole also referring me to a CNP colleague, that is able to help provide me with the actual hormone replacement therapy I need to start feeling strong again. Tine is a blessing to Allen & I will forever be using this amazing place for my pharmaceutical needs.”

– Jennifer Strickland

“I am so glad I found Allen Family Drugs as my pharmacy and bio-identical HRT source. I enjoy interacting with Tina Huynh. I trust her knowledge of all-health related things! She makes me feel welcome and listened to. Very understanding and caring person. All the staff is wonderful there. I can’t think of how you can improve your services. Love the drive-thru option.”

– Pamela Weiss

“The staff are very helpful and they sell medical grade vitamins and supplements which I trust to be more efficacious than your average vitamins.

Tina is wonderful! I love how very thorough she is and the attention to detail she provides in her one on one consultations. Her recommendations for supplements have definitely made me feel better.

Her gut protocol is a life saver… I went from being sick with common cold every other montg to now being illness free for 6 months and counting. I’ve kept taking the gut protocol to boost my immune system especially now in the face of Covid. So happy I have Tina as a healthcare professional in my life.”

– Saphire S.

“Love this pharmacy! Locally owned and run- you can actually speak with a pharmacist to get knowledgeable recommendations on the medication you are taking… I have not had this experience in recent years sing other chain pharmacies like CVS! Allen Family Drug feels more like the pharmacies I remember as a child in the best ways possible! Plus, they have a wide range of vitamins and supplements available on site, as well as health consulting services, A strong partner for Functional Medicine at best!”

– Sloan C

“This is a compounding pharmacy. Amazing, accommodating, and knowledgeable pharmacist Andy! He was able to communicate with the incompetent ordering physician, who wrote an incoherent script (rejected by CVS). Andy explained to her that the formula her provided would have a longer shelf life and cost a fraction of the price; another pharmacy quoted me $800, and we would have to wait for them to special order it. Allen Family Drug had the medication in stock for $20. Andy provided free syringes and spent time explaining how to administer the medication. So helpful and kind. My family appreciates is so much, so now we can rest assured we have rescue medication available”

– Laura Laine

“I love getting our prescriptions here. They are very helpful and friendly. They also deliver in select areas which is a great benefit to utilize. We sure did.”

– Scott Randon

“I NEVER take the extra time to fill out these questionnaires – so you know this business is very special to me. I was sent here from my specialist doctor for some compounded creams that he found worked from using them in his office. I asked if I could get “some of that stuff”!

He said ‘sure, there was a great compounding pharmacy just down the street, I can see if they can make it’. Allen Family Drug made my cream and many more after that. I use it a couple of times a day for a painful areas, it works great! I have to give a huge Thank YOU to Tina, the Pharmacist there who is just as nice as can be extremely knowledgeable about her craft and so willing to help at any time. She was also so thoughtful as to ask about my specific problems to see if she could come up with something exactly just for my case. Amazing customer service like you just do not find anywhere else, anymore it seems.

Allen is quite far from where I live, but I make the drive to support a wonderful, “Mom and Pop” business!!

I have always said “I vote with my dollars” ~ I spend my money with establishments that deserve it, and they do! You will not be disappointed with Allen Family Drug!”

– Judy B.

“There is not a more appreciative customer in Allen than me! We started our relation after moving to Allen in 2001. Allen Family Drug is the model of customer service. Your patience, support, and sincere caring about the customer galvanizes what I was looking for in a pharmacy for my family. With the never ending changes and challenges with insurance providers, your knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile in helping with the best options is most appreciated. Our family physician is Dr. Michael Kellum, of Allen. Coupled with his referrals and your pharmacy service, the many medical “frustrations” that so commonly happen never surface. This is yet another great example of the “community” of Allen that makes this a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Thanks for all you do!”

– Anthony

“I wanted to express my appreciation of Tina Huynh. I had a difficult time filling a prescription yesterday (5/10) because my insurance would not cover most of the expensive drug. Tina went out of her way to help me with a compound… making suggestions, contacting my doctor, etc. Her customer service is greatly appreciated! I have been going to Allen Family Drug for a while and its people like Tina that will keep me a loyal customer for years to come. Thank you Tina for helping me!”

– Lindsay K.

“I was having problems with both menopausal symptoms and the weight gain associated with those symptoms. Dr Chartrand worked very closely with me on my daily practices (eating a low glycemic diet, getting some exercise and sunlight) as well as utilizing compounded progesterone and a compounded appetite suppressant to help me control my hunger.

I originally used another pharmacy, but had some issues with communication.

I appreciate the professional service that Allen Family Drug offers. I understand the need to run your business as a pharmacist may have 20/30 years ago, with personal service, but I also appreciate that you can do that while embracing technology. I choose to drive to Allen from McKinney to fill my prescriptions with Allen Family Drug because of your ability to combine these two vitally important practices (customer service with just a touch of technology!)”

– Jennifer

“I have an auto-immune disease called Hashimotos and have literally spent thousands of dollars over the last 4 years trying to find a doctor to help by using natural alternatives, diet and supplements. It wasn’t until I found Tina, the pharmacist and owner at Allen Family Drug, that I was able to finally find the help that I needed. She has truly been an answer to many prayers! she has played a major role in improving my health and the quality of life (more than any of the doctors that I have see).

not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she truly cares about every single patient she sees. The staff at Allen Family Drug is incredible, as well! They treat you like you are family – whether it is over phone, at the drive-thru, or as you walk through their front door. To me, that also says a lot about Tine as a person, and an employer,

Whether you have specific needs like mine, or just regular prescription/pharmacy needs, I highly recommend using Allen Family Drug!

I guarantee that you will be glad you did!”

– Karen M.

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